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Energy Audits

As we are faced with growing energy costs it becomes more and more important to watch our energy consumption and cut down however we can. To help with this important task Callaway Electric offers a Home Energy Auditing program to all of its members.

The purpose of the Home Energy Audit is to evaluate how efficient your home is built in regards to insulation, construction methods, and materials. An analysis of your daily energy use is also completed using the data obtained daily from your meter. From this information, suggestions can be made to help improve both your home’s energy efficiency and your family’s energy conservation practices. A more efficient home equals lower energy bills.

Callaway Electric’s Home Energy Audit consists of the following:

  • A thorough walk-through of the inside and outside of the home noting obvious and potential problem areas. Some of the areas inspected are the windows, doors, attic space and crawl space or basement.

  • If the weather is suitable, we will use an infrared camera to do a deeper inspection of the home showing any problem spot that may have been hidden to the naked eye. The camera uses infrared technology to show areas of the home that are losing or gaining heat. The colder or hotter the weather, the better the camera will perform.

  • A sit down discussion with the member talking about the walk-through, how to interpret the infrared camera data, if it was able to be used, the member’s base load usage, their heating and cooling loads, phantom loads, and overall electric usage.

  • An Overview Report detailing the audit walk-through will be mailed to the member a few days after the audit is performed. If you desire a report based on the infrared images you will get a separate document along with the Overview Report, but that report comes with a cost ($100). *The infrared image report is only done if requested.

  • A variety of literature discussing energy-saving measures and use.

A standard audit minus the infrared camera report is available at no cost to the member.

This audit does not qualify you for any state tax deduction programs.


To perform a Home Energy Audit, we ask that someone be present so we can gain access to the interior of the home as well as discuss the information gathered.

If you think a Home Energy Audit could be a benefit to you, please contact our Member Service Department by phone (573-642-3326 or email to set up an appointment.

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